Watched Constantine

Posted On: October 19, 2005
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Due to my crazy schedule between work, sex, porn, blogging and the World of Warcraft, I had not been going to the movies for months. I finally got down to watching Constantine on DVD, months after I bought the DVD, since I have the time to do it now. It is one exquisite movie I must say. Constantine is not only about the story of a dying man, who happens to have the great gift (or curse) to be able to see things no normal man can. Ultimately, it gives a different spin to the tale of good versus evil, of what the Great Plan is about, and of sacrifice.
No sex, no nudity, just pure entertainment. I have not been so enthralled by a movie in a long time, (that did not contain sexual content at least). This is one of those films that makes you wonder, could it really be…?