In Lust We Trust

Posted On: June 9, 2006
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Well it’s Friday again and the World Cup is going to start this evening! My colleague and I decided to take a slightly longer lunch and thus, there I was in Orchard having a first try of the revamped foodcourt in Wisma Atria. The food prices there are way overpriced by the way. After lunch, my colleague suggested that on such a fine day (it was drizzling my god!), he wanted to be “out there for a while”.

Fine, we made our way out of Wisma and I led the way towards Wheelock Place, home of the bookstore Borders. My intent was clear (at least to myself) that I would like to check out some books before going back to office. I was soon happily checking out the latest bargains, like Terry Hatcher’s “Toast!”, this book named “Tong Nation”, and other less memorable titles. Moving on to the new additions section, I chanced upon Gerrie Lim’s new book. Gerrie Lim, by the way, was born in Singapore and the author of “Invisible Trade” as well as “Idol to Icon: The Creation of Celebrity Brands”.

I read “Invisible Trade” last year when first my friend Wilfrid bought a copy and recommended it to me, and then my sister passed me her copy after reading it. The constellations must have aligned in such a way at that time that it compelled me to read the book. So I did. For that book, Gerrie Lim basically interviewed couple of sex workers, high class social escorts off the streets and reported on their thoughts, and the industry in general. There was nothing much in-depth to speak off and all very superficial. These same sentiments were reflected by another friend when I mentioned to him that I was reading the book, and his reply was, “Between the two of us, we can write something much better, hahaha! *evil laughter*”.

It was thus, with much doubt, when I decided to buy the book. I mused to myself the reactions of my wife when she sees the book lying on my desk, in big words on the cover it says , “In Lust We Trust”, with a picture of Asia Carera close up (no, it’s not the kind of close-up you’re thinking). Good thing it is “Trust” and not “Thrust” . She’ll probably tell me it’s a waste of money. Don’t even bother asking me how I know who the covergirl is…

When I got back home, I left the book on the dining table (because I’m a messy person). The first thing my wife said was like, “I though you didn’t like his other book?”. Followed by, “Oh I think I read the review on this, which said it is not very good”. And lastly, flipping the book over, “What?! $24 dollars for this?”. Ok… you get the picture.