The Music of The Pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman

Posted On: June 18, 2006
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My wife, for some reason, has been hunting high and low for this rock& pop music album by Wendy Lands. While we were on the last Europe trip, we basically went to every CD shop that we came across and asked for this. Every shop told us the same thing – there is no stock and they do not know if it will be produced again. Some shops have not even heard of the artiste before. The only place that my wife has come across this is on

So, I came back home and finally got down to checking it out on Amazon’s store. After listening to the sample clips, the songs seem rather easy listening. The only problem now is the delivery charges, and thus only makes sense if you buy a lot of items with a total amount that makes paying for the hefty delivery charges worthwhile.

I’ve always had this idea of creating a site that allows people to buy in bulk, and the delivery charges can be shared across many purchasers. In fact, the idea was almost realised with another close friend, but due to various reasons, I did not go ahead with the plans. So here I am, stuck with a single-item purchase and the only way is probably to get a few friends to buy some stuff together with me. Anyone who is interested in buying anything from Amazon, please do drop me a note.

Update on list of songs [17 Jan 2009]:

  1. Fall In Love Again
  2. Turn Away
  3. I Wish You’d Ask to Dance with Me
  4. Dancing with Antonio
  5. Someday We Will Love Again
  6. Without You
  7. I’m Set Free
  8. True and Tender
  9. Smoke and Mirrors
  10. Prisoners of Evening
  11. My Memories of You
  12. Hold Me a Moment