KISS – Because Im a Girl

Posted On: January 9, 2007
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How things happen in a matter of minutes in this Internet age. First, I read on Wilfrid’s blog about another one of his obsessions – Korean women. So I turned to YouTube for guidance and voila! I found this MTV by KISS – a Korean group of 3 pretty ladies. It must have been about 4 years since I last saw this MTV, but it still rocks and still tugs at the heart.

After watching it again, I sent the link via IM to my friend Fabian who was online too (at 2am in the morning! God! Doesn’t anyone sleep these days?). He came back a while later and said, “Damn solid. Good one. It appeals to my Piscean senses.”. Ok, I gotta watch what I send him in the future, less it creates some undesirable crisis for myself. Well, it turned out great in this case, because a short while later, Fabian point me to this link – Pretty, interesting, visually as well 😉