Vista time?

Posted On: February 4, 2007
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It’s yet another one of those Microsoft OS upgrades that have people talking. The forums are set ablazed by arguments from experiences good and bad. It’s not only affecting the gamers, who will have to upgrade to Vista in order to use DirectX 10, but it affects other users as well. The hardware companies had to invest money and effort in order to develop and test their drivers for Vista compatibility.

Myself? I see no need for an upgrade at this point in time, unless I get a new top-of-the-line gaming rig that already comes prepacked with Vista, or perhaps I am forced to use Office 2007 for some strange reason, which is unlikely since I use OpenOffice instead of MS Office.

I came across this rather long Executive Cost Analysis of Vista Content Protection. It’s rather long drawn and not totally formatted in an easily read format. Make your own conclusions.