My First Salsa Social Night Outing

Posted On: November 30, 2007
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My wife and I have been going for Salsa lessons for about a month. Admittedly, I was rather skeptical about the whole dancing affair, but went along since I wanted to see if I could actually defy the odds and actually learn some form of dancing. Four lessons for beginners to see if I can develop a knack for it – how hard can it be right? Well, about an hour into the first lesson, any thoughts of hiding in the back of the room, just going through the motions were dashed. Salsa is a dance that requires the guy to lead your partner. It’s not like sex where sometimes you can lie back and let the woman do all the work… darn!

We headed over the to the dance school this evening, to join in the refresher course. It actually felt quite good that I knew the steps, while the “freshies” I danced with were sort of confused. It reminded me of the time when I was equally clueless :-D. I got to dance with a friend’s new girlfriend too! After the lesson, the place was sort of “redecorated” for the fortnightly social night, where we can practise our dance steps with people of the same level, and at the same time get some tips from the experts. It was a good opportunity to dance and not be laughed at, except you tend to laugh at yourself when you made a mistake, because you actually looked quite silly.

Since I only knew a handful of moves, we quickly got tired of doing the same moves after a while. I hung back and watched the really good dancers shake their bodies and feet to the Latin music. Some of them were really getting into the mood and doing these sexy moves, almost like a slower version of the movie “Lambada”. Maybe one day I just might be able to do that… just maybe… if the Warden does not whack me on the head for dancing like that with other women. Anyway, cross your fingers and wait for my updates on the next couple of lessons.