Safari 3 – My Lastest Favourite Browser

Posted On: December 12, 2007
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For years, we had to put up with Microsoft’s incompetence at giving us a secure, full-featured, user-friendly web browser. No doubt, it is still the most common web browser on this planet, no thanks to MS’s dominance in the OS market, but it is still very shady in terms of security. I had switched to using Firefox in the past couple of years, but due to my work, I am forced to check against IE for compatibility issues… sigh… the hazards of my job.

My friend Fabian, who recently got a shiny new MacBook Pro (lucky son-of-a…), told me to give Safari a try. In particular, the sandbox feature ensures a very secure browsing experience, he claims. So I went to the Apple website and downloaded the Safari 3 Beta and starting testing it. What I see, I like! All I can say is… wow… what’s there not to like about Safari?

Safari 3 - Beta

Seen here, I was checking out the very cool MTV of Carlos Santana’s Smooth. Safari 3 now the default browser on my laptop 🙂