Salsa Lesson Level One B (part 2)

Posted On: December 15, 2007
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I discovered today that I am a slow learner. Sure, I read rather slowly, but strangely, that thought had never crossed my mind. The instructors were teaching a move, the name of which for the life of me I am unable to recall, that requires some rather intricate hand movements. It starts with the guy leading the lady in an Enchufla, where we sort of bounce off away from each other, then the guy will move to the back of the lady. I kept getting stuck at trying to disengage from the lady, and I was quite sure my fellow dance partners were getting impatient with me! Rather annoyed with myself, and the worst thing was, I started having cramps in my feet and toes!

These are times when one cannot help but feel that age has caught up with you, especially when you are probably one of the oldest learners in the class. It felt like the pace of the class has gone up too, since this is supposed to be an extension upon what we learnt in the basic One A classes. I guess it is all about the fundamentals! Just have to keep practicing and burning in the steps and moves into my “ROM”. To use an IT analogy, I think I need to upgrade my CPU to Intel Core2 Duo Extreme and install Blu-ray in my system 😀