Salsa Lesson Level One B (part 4)

Posted On: December 28, 2007
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Finally! Last lesson of One B comes to a close, and we were introduced another 4 variations. Although they seemed simple enough, I had some difficulties executing the correct moves, giving the correct tension and providing the necessary lead. It was quite funny, actually when at some point the guy was supposed to bring the lady’s hands back above and behind her head, and our hands trail down slowly, finally ending in a close hold (the move known as a Bluff), but I kept missing the move and got it wrong. No matter, I shall torture my wife more by using her as a practice subject 😛

As illustration, some of the moves involve footwork that is slightly different from what we have been doing in the past. If you think I can’t count, not to worry, I am not senile yet. In most moves of Salsa, we do nothing on the fourth and eighth counts, so I omitted the counts in the illustration.


Learning Salsa is fun, but being good and looking good while dancing will take some bit of time and effort to smoothen the rough edges. One of my main problems is to link up all the moves continuously, such that I do not have to pause to think of the next move. Currently, I think I bore my partners to death, because I am always trying to think of what to do next…