Start of Salsa Lesson Level One B (part 1)

Posted On: December 7, 2007
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After a lapse of a month, the Wife and I are now back to our Salsa lessons on Thursday evenings. This time we have advanced to 1B class, which will take us beyond the basic moves, and extend upon what we have learnt thus far. A friend and his girlfriend are also in this class, which makes it more fun to learn together.

If I thought 1A was tough, it was nothing compared to the complexities that 1B offers. And for someone who is still coming to grips with the intricacies of the basic moves, you can imagine the amount of mayhem and confusion going on in my brain. We did the body isolation exercises, then went through a recap of the basic moves. The instructors had to correct some of our basic moves, before moving on to the new steps. I was quite glad for that, because I was not aware of some of the mistakes that were pointed out.

In this lesson, we learnt some new moves, extending upon what we learnt and a “Kung Fu” move. Inclusive of the previous moves – Simple Turn, Cross Body Lead, Cross Lead Turn… etc, we now “know” a total of 10 moves. Not too bad 🙂 Of course, “knowing” is relative, we still need to put that into practice.