Pirates of the Burning Sea – Open Beta

Posted On: January 2, 2008
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Gamers and fans of the movie franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” may have been eagerly waiting for an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that allows them to cruise on the high seas, plunder and sink ships, and perhaps become one of the most notorious pirates in the known virtual universe. Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) by Flying Lab Software may just be the ticket to their darkest fantasies. Just before the recently-concluded Open Beta, Darkspore took a testdrive of this game, hoping that it will be as interesting as it sounds.

The video that I captured was one of the earlier quests and it was a simple tutorial for various mechanics of the game – fighting, navigating the ship, ship combat and boarding the enemy ship. Note that since this is Open Beta, and I did not have the opportunity to delve deeper into other areas of the game, I am unable to provide anything more than a glimpse. However, the early impression I got was not overly positive, at least not enough to persuade me to part with my money and invest time to play the retail game.

As I did not test the economics of the game, I shall not comment on that portion, but apparently from what is said in the forums, the economic aspects sound solid. The ship combat is much more interesting to me, and I had a blast (pun intended) sinking enemy ships, or disabling them for a boarding party. It involves moving and navigating your ship, such that your canons may fire upon the enemy vessels. Once you grapple and board the enemy ship, however, the gameplay switches to sword-fighting, which to me is probably the weakest point of the game. It was mechanic, sluggish, totally boring and the skills were rather obscure. The original Sid Meir’s Pirates released more than a decade ago did a better job on the sword-fighting aspect, and the re-released update (on the Xbox as well) about 3 years back did more justice to the genre.

All in all, nothing compelling here that will persuade me to part with my limited resources. They should just have a business model that lets people play it for free, and purchase stuff in a cash shop, like Maple Story or something like Guild Wars where there are no monthly fees.