Book Review: Kiss The Girls

Posted On: October 11, 2008
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Two highly intelligent killers are on the loose, and they are cooperating, competing, committing the perfect coast to coast murders that had the authorities baffled. One is a collector, organized and almost artistic in his “work”. The other is cold and impersonal, capable of extreme violence. Their distinct styles seem totally unconnected, yet both are capable of carrying out gruesome crimes, strangely bonded in ways that only they can feel. Imagine that. The only significant break came in a victim who somehow escaped.

There was the most beautiful woman in the South! Beautiful in all ways. Not only was she physically desirable – she was extremely smart. She might be able to understand him. Maybe she was as special as he was.

He almost said the words out loud, and believed them to be absolutely true. He had done a great deal of homework on his next victim. Blood began to pump and rush into his forehead. He could feel a throbbing all through his body.

Kiss the Girls, James Patterson’s second book on the Alex Cross series, is a scary thriller that left me with a tingling sensation craving for more. With the premise that Alex Cross’s beautiful and smart niece became one of the abducted victims, it gave added tension and anxiety to the hero’s psyche. It was the reason he was brought onto the case, and it was his reason for the obsessive pursue of the villains even when the odds seemed stacked against him.

The book was written in short, pulsating chapters, that kept me reading just one more chapter after another. As I read mostly when I am traveling between the workplace and home, I could easily stop and pick up where I left off without having to flip to previous chapters. Just a personal reading style I suppose.

First I fall in love with a woman, then I simply take her.

It is a simple caveman concept, psychotic in our modern world. Sometimes it is chilling the way Patterson leads the reader into the minds of the murderers. If there are any gripes I have, it has to do with a scene in the book where a beautiful young woman was strapped to a bed. After a warm milk enema was administered, a slithering snake was released, which apparently made it’s way into the poor girl’s fundamental orifice. While it was a scene that demonstrated the violent nature of the villain involved, I did not find it necessary, for that conclusion had already been drawn long before.

I have not watched the 1997 movie version starring Morgan Freeman as Dr. Detective Alex Cross and Ashley Judd as Dr. Kate McTiernan. I am sure it has its merits, but I just can’t picture a younger Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross, no matter how I try. Ashley Judd as Kate Mctiernan? Ravishing in her own way, but not quite as stunningly beautiful, strong willed and intelligent as what the book was meant to portray I am sure, but perhaps it is all relative in the murderer’s eyes. I would have loved to see Denzel Washington as Alex Cross dazzling the screen with Charlize Theron as Kate. But that’s just me.

While some may find the story perfectly written for the big screen, others may find it too unbelievable in certain parts. The ending for me was just slightly disappointing. After describing at length, on numerous occasions, about the physical strength and washboard body of the villain, it was ironic the way he went down. For a quick read and fans of mystery thrillers, I will highly recommend Kiss the Girls. I certainly found it hard to put down and frankly quite entertaining.