Book Review: Along Came a Spider

Posted On: November 19, 2008
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How many people have come across this thought. How often has it pop up in our heads over the years?

I want to be somebody!

Question is, how far will you go to get there? How much are you willing to sacrifice?

In James Patterson’s first book in the Alex Cross series, the villain Gary Soneji/Murphy, kills for recognition. He wanted to be famous, to be known across the whole world. He went on a killing spree and ended up kidnapping two kids. Detective Alex Cross was less than thrilled to be assigned to the kidnapping case of two kids, who had prominent parents. He was more inclined to find the killer of poor ghetto blacks, which gave rise to the conflicting emotional background to the character.

While this book flies typical of a James Patterson thriller, its pace is slower when compared to Kiss the Girls. There was the background of the main character, Alex Cross, to be laid out – laying the ground work for the rest of the series. His personal psyche and emotions were important part of the story too.

This is another “fun” read from Patterson. A roller-coaster emotional ride, nicely paced, that ends in a surprising finish. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.