Satisfying an SB-900 Flash Gun Itch

Posted On: November 25, 2008
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I had previously posted that I was unable to use my SB-900 as a wireless flash gun that is triggered remotely by the built-in flash on the D90 as master controller. It was something that had been bugging me the whole day like an itch that will not go away. Thus, after work this evening, around 12:30am (which technically is the next morning), I set about trying to satisfy this itch.

With the Nikon D90 in hand, a convenient object lying around the house, I set up the Sb-900 flash gun to fire off as a backlit to the object. Thus, if I succeed in lighting up the object from the back, without throwing in harsh light from the the built-in flash from the front, I will have succeeded.

First, I switched the SB-900 to the remote mode.

Then the flash settings from the camera, so that the built-in flash acts as commander, while firing off.

A quick set up on the tripod, and off we go.

I lick my dry lips as I view my work. The taste of success lingers, and it is sweet indeed.