Book Review: King of Lies

Posted On: January 4, 2009
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The King of LiesShortly after reading Down River by John Hart, Warden passed me Hart’s first book, The King of Lies – his debut. This mystery thriller tells the tale of a struggling criminal defense attorney, Jackson Workman Pickens, whom some people call “Work”. Seemingly forced to live up to the expectations of his exceptionally successful (and ruthless) lawyer father, Ezra Pickens, Work has to fight his inner battles between loyalty, love and honesty.

A loveless marriage, haunted by the past, an unrequited love, a sister suffering from psychological trauma, and his father who disappeared and turned up dead, Work seemed to have been dealt the short end of a deal in Life. As the police worked to track down Ezra’s killer, they were convinced that Work was the culprit.

As the reader plows through the emotional drama of Work’s life, you cannot help but feel the noose tightening around his neck. The book is filled with twists and turns, enough to satisfy most fans of mystery thrillers. I enjoyed the ending, which of course, shalt not be revealed here. Grab a copy off Amazon or your local library today.