Book Review: Term Limits

Posted On: January 10, 2009
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Term LimitsGranted I have not read a lot of political thrillers, and in real life I try to steer clear of politics (except for the usual rants about the Singapore Government), Term Limits by Vince Fynn was introduced to me by Warden. There could be others, but the ones I can recall are probably from Jeffrey Archer – Kane and Abel, The Prodigal Daughter to name some.

Term Limits is Vince Flynn’s debut work. In this version of Washington, loathsome, greedy and self-serving politicians run the government, and the country has been run to the ground with billions worth of deficits. The situation was not about to get any better, until a group of assassinations rocked the nation, with three highly conspicuous and high-ranking officials killed in one night. The assassins demanded that reforms be put in place with immediate effect, and threatened more killings if their demands were not complied. None was inaccessible, even the president was a likely target.

To put things in Singapore context, imagine if a group of people with the skills, knowledge and equipment decided that the government has been serving their own needs rather than the needs of the citizens. In one night, three of the top perceived-to-be corrupt officials are assassinated, and the government is sent a demand for immediate changes – reduction in salary of MPs, reduction of ERP grantries, lowering of GST back to 3%, removal of censorship to allow for free press, removal of certain senior executives who have made incredibly stupid investments with our CPF money…etc. I am not too sure if that is a bad thing.

Term Limits proved an excellent read for me. It was suspenseful, and Flynn has put in a mix of characters who are not totally good and perhaps even the villains are not totally bad (well except for one or two individuals). Perhaps the best part for me was the ending, which agrees with my idea of just desserts – that retribution will be served in one way or another.