Mind Cafe, SAFRA Tampines

Posted On: January 27, 2009
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The last time, before this late morning, that I went to SAFRA Tampines was a couple of years back to take my IPPT (Individual Physical Profiency Test). Today, I went with Warden and my father-in-law (Captain Warden), because the Japanese Restuarant called Sakura had not started operating yet.

Apparently this place keeps a whole shelf of board games, for a group of friends or family, who enjoy each others’ company. They can pay for the packaged deal, which includes a meal plus two hours of game time. Not a bad concept I suppose.

Mind Cafe Carbonara

The food, however, leaves much to be desired. Captain’s tomato-based pasta was too salty, while mine was kind of tasteless. Warden’s Beef Lagsane was equally dismal.

Mind Cafe Lagsane

Ok, guess it is not the best place to go for a good meal, but it was quiet, it had Wireless@SG, it provided newspapers and some magazines, and yes if you want to try out some of the games at a small price, go ahead.