Photography – Not About The Best Gear

Posted On: January 14, 2009
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As I continue my journey on photography, I am always learning new things. Not just the technical jargon and technicalities of using the equipment, but perhaps other revelations as well. Photography has taught me to look for details of interest, to take a view from a different angle – see things differently, and even to work with limitations imposed by situations beyond your control.

A lot of times, I look at a picture that I just snapped using my new Nikon D90, and wondered to myself that my old Canon Powershot G7 could have produced the same results. It can be rather frustrating, that the limitation actually lies in the mind, and not the technology. I suppose life’s education process is a cycle of initial learning curve, followed by a spark of enlightenment, where you have to cross a boundary and thus hit that “Eureka!” button.

Photoshoped Pottery

Greg Schmigel’s iPhone Photography on his Just What I See site, exhibits that very fact that it is the man behind the camera, and not the camera. I am inspired by Greg’s keen ability to pick the details, and turn ordinary situations into beautiful, memorable images. Images that you and I may probably overlook in our everyday lives. I have much to learn from him.