Pongal Festival

Posted On: January 10, 2009
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What is Pongal Festival? I did not know until today, and I just happened to stumbled upon it when I went to Little India this afternoon. In all honesty, I just wanted to walk around and take some pictures, and Little India fits the bill. When I reached the Little India MRT station, I simply took the nearest exit I could find, and walked with the flow. Near to  Campbell Road, that was where I came across the festivities.

The first thing I noticed, were the beautiful flowers that were strung together, I suppose you hang them around your neck. As I took a picture of them, the shop keeper grinned at me and said, “Nice ah?” and I replied with a thumbs up, “Very nice!”


Moo moo!

Cows and goats! They were fenced in by gates, and there were many people watching them. Kids were rather fascinated by the animals. There was a Canon user there too, taking pictures of the animals. He looked at me with apparent disdain when I flashed my D90. Pfffftttt…

Flowers floating around

With flowers hanging from strings across the street, it was so colorful. Other than flowers, there are stalls selling all sorts of goods.

Colorful pots

Little India is a quaint place. You can find some interesting pubs and budget hostels around the area.

Prince of Wales



I gave myself a little pat on the back – not a bad way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

If you really want to know what is Pongal, head over to Pongalfestival.org.