Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice

Posted On: January 1, 2009
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I was having dinner at Changi Village with Warden and my family, where there is a branch of Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice. My brother-in-law came back from Hong Kong, and it seems like he is crazy about this chicken rice. Apparently my second sister thinks it’s pretty good too.

Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice

The chicken rice is indeed good. The chicken flows smoothly down your throat and the meat is lean. I tend to remove a little bit of oil under the skin, but the more health-conscious people may skip the skin entirely.

I do not visit Changi Village that often, but these days, it may hold some level of interest to tourists or people who live nearby. Other than some delicious hawker food nearby, there are now multiple pubs and restaurants, plus two foodcourts along the same row of buildings facing the road. There was a little flea market going on and you may be able to find some intricate items like handicrafts of sea shells, or laptop pouches. Not enough of variety for me though.

Flea market and pub girls

When we dropped in to see how my father is doing, there was a cat just lying on the floor of the stairs. He might have just eaten a chicken too, look at that yawn!

Yawning cat