Vladimir A. Yarets – Round the World on a Bike

Posted On: January 12, 2009
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What possesses a man to have the resolve to travel across the world, on a bike? Surely something is behind that drive to even make that first step. Is it for fame? Is it to prove a point? Or is it simply for self-satisfaction that you can do something before your time is up? Perhaps I delve too much. Perhaps it is simply a personal desire, a need, much like why mountaineers scale the great heights or explorers travel to the North Pole.

I came across Yarets Vladimir Alekseevich’s motorbike, which was parked on the pavement between the Fu Lu Shou building and OG, near Bugis. There were many people standing around observing the unique object with numerous messages, posters, maps and notes plastered all over it. As I approached to investigate further, I discovered that this was more than a bike with weird decorations.


What makes Vladimir A. Yarets’s story interesting is the fact that he is gunning to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the first deaf and mute individual to travel all of former Soviet Union, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and the America on a motorcycle. I believe he definitely had to overcome some administrative hurdles in order to get his licenses to ride his bike in each country. I don’t know about other people, but I cannot even claim that I have travelled to every country in Asia.

I admire people who dare to do things differently, walk the less travelled road. It shows true grit and character, for this man to attempt this feat. For more information about Yarets, you may look him up at his website Yarets.com, and view some of his exploits around the globe.