Anniversary @ Togi

Posted On: February 18, 2009
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Today marks the third year since Warden and I tied the knot and sealed my fate. So we decided to treat ourselves to some good food – Togi Korean Restaurant comes highly recommended as one of the best authentic Korean restaurant you can find in Singapore.

Togi side dishes

The side dishes that comes with the meal reminds me of exact same side dishes we had on our Korean trip.

Togi Bi Bim Bab

I ordered the assorted Bi Bim Bab, and the waiter actually helped me add in the chilly sauce and mixed it up for me! Served in a traditional solid bowl, fans of this Korean dish will find it hard to resist.

Although we did not order this, the family BBQ is probably the most popular choice in this restaurant. Almost every table around us ordered this, and it really made my mouth water thinking of the black boar BBQ we had back in Korea.

Located at Mosque Street, Chinatown, it is easily located. Try to be early before 7pm on a weekday, as the seats fill up pretty fast. They do have another branch in Marine Parade, I think, but I have not been there.