BBQ @ Dover Rise

Posted On: February 20, 2009
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I has been a while since I last went for a real BBQ – those that require someone to actually start the fire and stand over the food to make sure they are not burnt. The more memorable ones tend to be those I had with old friends in my secondary school days or junior college days. I still remember we used to spend the entire night at the East Coast Park, chatting, telling ghost stories, having a hell of a time.

This time round, my current project team decided that it was about time to have a get-together, to relax and have a valid excuse to get out of the office for once. So one of the expats who is staying at Dover Rise was volunteered to book a pit at the condo where she puts up.

BBQ Food

So many years on, the method of cooking is about the same. Difference is you may now buy ready-packed and marinated food, and I do not need to get my hands dirty! I was the designated photographer too, since I brought my camera.


The company I work with tends to keep a tradition alive over the years. Whether it was intentional, I do not know. But it can either be a pain or delight depending the point of view. The tradition is such that whenever there is an event, where there is a pool nearby, someone will almost always end up in the pool.


Just before I was about to leave, one guy started saying, “Dude, I have been thinking about this fact – that since your good friend has gotten into the pool, it will only be right that you join him too. And the only reason why you have not gotten wet is because of your camera, so why don’t you hand it over to…”. At this point I decided that I had heard enough and ran off as fast as my old legs could carry me 😀