New Trailer: Terminator Salvation

Posted On: March 5, 2009
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Woohoo! Another awesome show in the works! The new trailer for the upcoming Terminator Salvation is here!

I am of the generation that saw the rise of the first Terminator movie, quickly followed by the awesome Terminator II, made popular by Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s governor. Who can ever forget the hulk of the man, rising stark naked from a cocoon position, after being teleported to the past from the future? It was one scary and spellbinding scene. Why can’t our government officials be like that?

Anyhow, the movie looks set for a good run at the box office. Christian Bale as John Connor, Moon Bloodgood adding an interesting (and sexy) female character, and some voice-acting by Arnold Schwarzenegger for the T-800 Model – what more can you ask for? Popcorns?