Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Posted On: July 16, 2009
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I cannot remember the last time I stepped into a cinema. I know it must have been years ago. It could have been some time before I got married. It took all the draw of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to bring my physical presence into Lido 2 last night, with Warden. Of course the free admission ticket to the gala event given to Warden helped immensely.

I have never picked up a Harry Potter book, and never quite understood all the hype with the book launches around the world. But the movies were pretty interesting and well done to me. Though I did missed the last 2 movies in the series. It does not matter. The stories are unlike the Lord of the Rings trilogy where you really need to watch them in sequence. I must say the little kids have grown up quite a bit since the last movie (the Prisoner one) I watched, and Emma Watson (playing the part of Hermione Granger) has blossomed into quite a pretty young thing.

This particular dose of Harry Potter features the darker side of things. There is Draco Malfoy who seems very much troubled in this movie (maybe something I missed from the previous 2 movies?), the weird hex that was cast on one girl, and the ever-foreboding Serenus Snake. Death, altered memories, shame and storing of a wizard’s soul in magical items called a Horcrux is all explored in this movie. As usual, Rupert Grint acting the part of Ron Weasley, provided much of the humour in the show. Without divulging too much details, his performances as a love interest for Hermione has always been rather witty and interesting.

In comparison to the earlier efforts, and in terms of storyline, this agrees with me more as we see a shift towards a movie that is more “adult”. One of the scenes reminds me of a rehash of Lord of the Rings, especially with the very convincing Michael Gambon as Professor Dumbledore. I did enjoy this movie tremendously, and stepping into a cinema brought back memories of why I enjoy the big screen so much in the past. A good one!