Night Festival 2009

Posted On: July 12, 2009
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Not many of my friends knew about this event, nor seem interested afte I told them about it. The Night Festival promised a weekend of outdoor extravaganza of live music, dance and outdoor performances – at least that’s what the brochure and website said. Warden and I were there some time after 6pm, and joined in the festivities after dinner. Many of the outdoor performances did not start until 7:30pm, and thus we walked around investigating the sculptures and hunted down the exhibits.

We hopped into the National Museum, to see what the buzz surrounding it was all about. Admittedly, it has been years since I last stepped into the museum. Free admission! What’s not to like about the museum? Well, for one because of the sheer number of people, you have to queue up to enter some of the galleries. Some Singaporeans do like to queue, but not us.


After mingling among the crowd for a while, it felt like the museum was getting really crowded. Then we found out why – it was raining cats and dogs out there! The outdoor performance must have been a wash out 🙁


Luckily, I did took a shot using the Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens just before we entered the museum. I do like this glass a lot. Not sure if it was purposely manufactured to be so, but it does seem to retain colors of the sky better than my standard lens. Wonder what will happen if I introduce an ND filter to it…


The weather did pick up a little and the rain subsided to a drizzle when we continued our tour at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). Here, I actually found a photography gallery from ClubSnap! Very nice picture, especially some of the magnificent landscapes.


The last act of the night that everyone was waiting for was probably the Loop of Fortune. Scheduled to start at 10:30pm, Warden and I were waiting amongst the crowed when a sudden downpour drenched the party. Many people who were without umbrellas ran for cover, while some waited staunchly, refusing to give up their places near the performance. We waited under shelter and the rain clouds did finally cleared. The performance resumed at 11pm and finally ended amidst an explosion of bright fireworks and sparkles. Quite a sight to behold if you are right there in front of the action.