A (Singaporean) Man’s Work is Never Done

Posted On: August 23, 2009
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Contrary to what many have come to believe, or led one to believe, there are many advantages to attending In-Camp Training (ICT). It is not just a chance to waste a lot of time waiting around for things to happen and spend tax payers’ money. No, no, no… that will be a mistake to think so. Due to the hectic lifestyle that we Singaporeans lead, it is an opportunity to recuperate our strengths and mental alertness, to prepare our bodies and minds for the challenges ahead.

Then of course, you get little trinkets from the army as souvenirs for the effort you put in to pass your IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test), and contribute towards your unit’s effectiveness. These invaluable collector’s items will surely thrill your descendants for years to come, and end up among the family trophy case. Surely everyone will want these!

And when it comes to welfare and benefits, no place does it better than the Army! Afraid that our poor NS Men have a lack of daily necessities, we are given a budget every two years to buy all the stuff we need from eMart. Our HDB bomb shelter is always nicely decorated with things that we will surely be grateful for in times of war, when a bomb levels our entire neighborhood, leaving the single column of safe haven standing.

A Singaporean Man’s work is never done. Our lives are designed to constantly challenge us, to keep us on our toes, less we grow fat and end up as couch potatoes. After we gloriously sacrifice two years of our lives while our female peers slog away in the office, we emerge stronger and are eventually hired with a pay that is higher than our female peers when they first started two years back. Yet, that is not enough of a challenge. As we have traditionally proven to be the superior human specimen, the tasks of constantly upgrading our military skills are thrust upon us.

All these amidst the social responsibilities of developing a family, taking care of the older generation, paying our bills and contributing taxes. Yes, thank you Army, for boosting our battered egos, and giving us the confidence to work till the ripe old age of 65! Our work is never done, and we shall carry out our duties with pride and honor!