IOM#1: Invasion of the Machines

Posted On: August 2, 2009
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Wood Street is usually a quiet place as the clock moves closer to midnight. But not this night. There was an unexplainable electrifying feel in the air, never felt before this part of town. All of a sudden the air density dropped, as if the oxygen was being sucked out of Mother Earth. A strong gust of wind swept across the land, blowing over a trash can, and shuddered the window stills along the street. There was a flash of light followed by a loud cracking sound, and out of nowhere you see it…

The machine moved with purpose and intent. Slowly towards its mission objective. It turned into Carpet Street, then paused and became silent. Almost like it was pondering its next move. Just seconds later, something stirred in the shadows. The machine roared back to life, and all of a sudden, streaks of laser beams shot out from the front of the machine!

To be continued…