Photoshoot with Bernice and Yanrong

Posted On: August 15, 2009
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On a sudden impulse, I signed up for a photoshoot from Clubsnap to practice portraits. It was scheduled at 3:30pm and I had quite a bit of problem finding the exact location. I actually took more than 1.5 hours just on traveling there by public transport! Omg, the things I do for a couple of photos!

Interestingly, I met a guy on the shuttle bus who overheard me asking the bus captain about the route, and he was nice enough to inform me when we reached. I almost missed the stop as I was busy checking Nokia Map on my mobile. Turns out we both alighted 2 stops earlier, and funny enough, he was actually headed for a different photo shoot from mine!

I was about 5 minutes late, but the organizer was even later! But he arrived in a cab with one of the models and refreshments, so it’s excusable 😛 I was watching the rest of the guys while waiting for the shoot to begin and wow… they have some awesome equipment. There is this guy who was fully equipped with 2 full-frame DSLRs, one strobe that looks like a satellite dish and a small radio he hung on his belt. Very professional, very cool! And I found out later that he had gone for another shoot in the morning… o_O

Finally, the photoshoot started and we were split into two groups with a model each. We chose a location and started snapping away…

Bernice is a friendly and chatty girl, who showed great professionalism and knows how to strike a great pose. As I had no prior experience with these shoots, I followed what some of the more experienced guys did. It’s good that Bernice knows what pose to strike, how to position her hands, where to look and when to smile.

Yanrong is a young girl who is quite new as a model. One great thing about her is her almost flawless complexion that requires very little post-processing 🙂

Yanrong has a great and girlish smile too.

The shoot ended close to 7pm, almost an hour later than the planned schedule. I had some great tips on the use of my flash unit, especially the discovery that I had been using the diffuser of the SB-900 flash the wrong way! The only slight disappointment was that due to the haze (courtesy of a neighboring country), there was no sunset. Otherwise there will be a lot more fun and chances to shoot with a back-lit scene.