Phew! Another Month Came and Left!

Posted On: November 19, 2009
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Time flies. It always does, especially so when your hands are tied and your brain is fried. Hmm that rhymes!

Quite a lot of stuff has happened in the months of October and November, which is really too much to cover in a single post. I should be embarking on another new adventure this coming December, if not January 2010. Can’t go much into details here, but it is definitely interesting to me.

This post is really about the use of my relatively new iPhone and the time-savings it allows me since my switch from the old Nokia E90, which was a pain to use for web browsing in comparison.

Now, I check my corporate emails via the iPhone, post statuses on Facebook and Twitter (which I do not really like), play web-based games – all the power you need in your palm. Not the Palm Pilot which had a great headstart but sort of lagging behind now in the face of fierce competition.

I installed the WordPress 2.0 iPhone App today, which prompted me to write this short post, with photo taken using the iPhone camera of course. While this app lacks the full functionalities of the web-based admin features, it is good enough for quick posts to my blog. It works great for me! Now I can simply “pen” down my thoughts, without the need for the full-fledge browser. The iPhone is like my PC, and I do not even need to boot up and wait for the irritating Windows.

Another reason why I love the iPhone since my switch from Nokia. Cool.