Syncing Photos with the iPhone

Posted On: December 14, 2009
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The iPhone allows the ability to sync photos between your PC and your mobile device via iTunes. It’s nothing new or cutting-edge about it, but it is a nice feature to have for organization of your photos, which you can use as wallpaper on your iPhone. The operation is generally simple and fast, but there are instances of issues encountered by users as reported on the Web.

Some users experienced issues syncing between Vista 64-bit and iTunes. Some had images that were corrupted after syncing. I suspect these were the teething issues experienced about 1 to 2 years back, as I experienced none of these, probably because I am using the lastest version of iTunes. What problems I did have were that after completing a sync, some of the image thumbnails were different from the actual photo when you click on it. As I scrolled through the images, the photos just did not seem correct. Some photos seem to have been randomly placed in the wrong folder. I am using Windows XP on my laptop, but that probably was not causing the issue.

I tried deleting the affected folder and re-synced my phone, but that only caused corruption to a different folder. Finally, I decided remove all photos from my photo and synced it first. Then I re-selected all my photos and did a sync once again. That did the trick. However, if you add more photos or folders at a later time, without clearing those on the phone, there is a possibility that the thumbnails will not match the actual photo on the phone again.

iTunes actually creates a folder named “iPod Photo Cache” under your “My Pictures” folder on Windows. There are many subfolders created here containing files with the extension of .ithmb. The cleanest solution will be to deleted all folders in this cache directory, and then perform a sync. It solved my issue once and for all, and I am a happy man again 🙂