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Posted On: March 22, 2010
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To be totally honest, I do not usually watch movies in the cinemas. In fact, I am unable to determine the name of the last movie that I watched in a cinema in Singapore, nor even the month and year (hmm… perhaps it was a free movie preview of Harry Potter)! Thus, to me at least, there is a significant bearing in the fact that after so many years of abstinence, the first movie I actually paid to watch in a cinema is Avatar. And it was in Taiwan, on my recent holiday trip with Warden. I think we made a good choice in going with the 3D version, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As fate will have it, I started work with a Media startup company at the start of this year. Me, a guy who has only watched a fraction of the A-grade movies available in the last 30-odd years. Me, who has not even watched Dark Knight, 2010 or The Transformers 2. I do not follow American Idol, the laughable Singapore Idol or the latest TV series. Make no mistake about it, I do enjoy watching a good movie or an engaging TV series, but I guess it just boils down to the element of time, costs and trade-offs. Well, at least the latest season of House has finally arrived on cable in Singapore (much much too slow for my liking), which both Warden and I enjoy watching together.

Hence, in order to catch up on what I have missed out in the past, due to my hectic work with a large multinational consultancy company, I shall devote more of my time this year on the couch. After all, I do have a legitimate reason to do so without feeling guilty – it is part of work (*self-deception does work*). Besides, I need to justify the costs of paying for both StarHub cable, as well as SingTel Mio TV subscriptions (I feel a hole burning in my pocket already!). So, without further ado, here is the year 2010 list of most anticipated movies, for me that is, and some TV series that I plan to watch:

Clash of the Titans

I watched the original as a kid and was enthralled by the tale of mortal fighting against the gods. Now, the remake promises to be better, enhanced with newer cinematic technology. I will love to relive the experience of my childhood, who doesn’t?! I’m a sucker for stories about men fighting against the odds and winning.

Iron Man 2

I thought the first movie was not too bad. Robert Downey, Jr.’s performance was credible, and of course it featured one of my favorite actresses – Gwyneth Paltrow. This time round, Gwyneth Paltrow will be back as well as Scarlett Johansson (oooh, sooo scorching hot!). The trailer already has my juices pumping at accelerated speed!

Alice in Wonderland

This is already showing in the cinemas, and has been topping the US box office charts. Tim Burton… Johnny Depp… need I say more? Seriously, who has not read the story of Alice in Wonderland, save a 1-year-old perhaps? There has been so many reproductions of this, but apparently the producer has managed to bring something new to the table which is refreshing and entertaining.

The Wolfman

Somehow, Anthony Hopkins has almost made his name synonymous with this genre, after his award-winning performance in Silence of the Lambs. This guy excels in such roles and he gives me the creeps at the same time. Wolfman… woof woof… err… I mean awwwwoooooo…..


There is only one reason why this is on my list, and that is none other than Angelina Jolie. I do not even know if it will reach our shores in July, nor the storyline. All I know is that Mrs Smith rocks my boat. Nuf’ said.

How to Train Your Dragon

I have mixed feelings about this one. I love 3D animated movies. Case in point, I really loved Monsters, Inc. I saw the movie trailer in Taiwan (yes, while watching Avatar), and thought it is cute. But, I am not a hardcore fan of cute, unless it is the sexy kind of cute…

The Dark Knight and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I am sure everyone can understand why I will want to watch these two movies. Heath Ledger’s awarding winning performance in the Dark Knight, which unfortunately, he did not get to attend the award ceremony. A good Batman movie is hard to come by, and this one was supposed to rock my socks off. In fact, I might consider getting a Blu-ray player and the Blu-ray movie just for this. As for Transformers, it another one of my childhood cartoons I grew up with. And now as an adult, they made it much much better with the right selection of cast in Megan Fox… O.M.F.G… *wipes drool off the desk*

TV Series

There are a couple of TV series that Warden and I both enjoy, which have been hogging the top 100 TV Shows of TV.com. House being one of them. We just love watching a jerk of a doctor on TV. We just do not wish to meet one in real life. Not unless you are critically ill and he is the only one who can save you. Then again, the bunch of overpaid jokers we have for doctors in Singapore are pathetic, so I will rather meet an asshole who can do his job, than a saint who cannot. But I digress… Glee is the other TV show of note. It is funny, it is entertaining and the singing is pretty good. Unfortunately Gossip Girl (more for Warden really) is only available on Mio TV and I am too cheap to pay for it. Hopefully, with the new ruling by MDA, StarHub will be able to broadcast that on one of the channels that I do pay for (yes, in Singapore, consumers have been suffering in silence at the hands of the ISPs).

Private Practice and Battlestar Galactica are the other 2 that I am interested in. Unfortunately, there is only so much time that a man should allocate to the couch. In fact, I am not even sure if Battlestar Galactica was ever shown in Singapore. The ongoing battle between Humans and Cylons is engaging, but the inter-personal struggles of the individuals are just as much so. Tricia Helfer (the unforgettable Number Six)and Grace Park (who has recently joined the remake of Hawaii-Five-O) provide much of the electricity on this show to entice the hot-blooded male audiences. And to illustrate just how so hot they are, as reward to the reader who made it so far down this article… here is a pic of Grace Park. The series started in 2003 and has now ended.

So that’s it for now. And wish me luck in my quest for movie entertainment nirvana and enlightenment!