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Posted On: April 15, 2010
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These days, you get to find all sorts of information on the Internet, compared to the old days when most information can only be found in the libraries and in the archives. I will never want to got back to the old days. The old days mean spending days in the library searching for archives that may or may not return results. In our current lives, thousands and millions of materials are available right at our fingertips, with the availability of Internet access. Of course, the quality of some information is questionable nowadays but I am quite sure everyone can live with questionable rather than inaccessible.

Some of the interesting things you can find on the Internet:

I can go on and on and list them by category or subject. But I will not do that. No reason to do that because we have search engines that already do that million times better.

The best place for me to find things these days is usually Google. I have Google as my default search engine on all my computers and browsers. There is no question about the leadership position that Google has over its rivals. But of course, as technology evolves, we have other means to get our information fix. Here are some other sources of information for me:

  • Newspapers – not so much for the information but somehow it still feels good to flip through paper, even if it stains my hands.
  • News portals and readers – I call them news tickers at your fingertips. These have almost replaced print newspapers for me.
  • Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter – I do this on my computer as well as my mobile devices, you just can’t stop “Liking” it.
  • bookmarks by fellow Internet users
  • basically lets you “accidentally” come across information. Like Forrest Gump says, you never know what you’re gonna get.
  • lets you browse images of fellow photographers. Sometimes, I see a picture and discover new things about life.
  • Youtube – enough said. This site is so filled with visual information that I can be stuck for hours just browsing through related videos. “How to” is so much easier when you’re actually watching it being done.

Feel free to share your experience finding things in your daily lives. Perhaps the surprising find may not be on the Internet, but just old fashioned word-of-mouth. What I can tell you is, no matter how technology progresses, no matter the medium that information is transferred from, the process of finding things out is usually a whole lot more interesting than the actual piece of information. Have fun!