Pictures from Chingay Preview 2010

Posted On: May 6, 2010
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The yearly Chingay Parade actually happened back in February, but I did not have the time to upload the photos until now. I was lucky enough to get free tickets to the preview event, which was actually a rehearsal a week before the actual day.

As expected, there were fireworks displays during the show, though limited in comparison to the actual event. I managed to quickly capture a shot of the fireworks hand-held, which was a surprise for me. I was using the Nikon 105mm VR macro lens, which is supposed to be a specialty lens for close-up shots, but it worked for me as it gave me the range as well as access to Vibration Reduction, which allows a two-stop advantage (which basically helped in capturing the image hand-held). The surprise of the entire parade for me was the use of firecrackers! I was definitely not prepared for the ear-deafening noise and the amount of smoke produced, and I could not even hold my hands to my ears as I was busy taking pictures!

The lion and dragon dance routine is almost a staple in every parade in Singapore, though it is still refreshing to see so many of them lined up together during the parade. The image of chaos and vibrancy was completed with the enormous amount of confetti thrown into the mix.

Among the participants, a bunch of ladies holding butterflies danced to the music. This was a colorful display with the girls in purple, holding butterflies of different colors and patterns. I love colors in my photos!

Ladies in bikinis should always be featured in all parades. They are just so… attention grabbing… with the colorful costumes of course!

It is very important for the participants of the parade to look happy. I have seen some who looked like they were just there to make the numbers and they were just going through the motions. But some participants look like they really enjoyed themselves, which was excellent, and they made the entire event so much better.

I was not expecting the finale fireworks display and I had the wrong lens on camera when they went off. Unfortunately I basically missed all the fireworks shots at the end 🙁 Ah… better luck next time I suppose. Parades are fun to shoot. The colors, costumes and props all provide excellent subjects for photographers. On the downside, so many things are going on at the same time that you will have a very busy time taking in everything. Hopefully, when I next attend the Chingay Parade, I will be better prepared and equipped for it.