Serenity Hokkaido!

Posted On: September 20, 2010
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Having led a busy life since the day I started working, friends who know me will not be surprised that I usually pick the more rural destinations during my travels. Away from the maddening crowd. Treks in forest paths, walks to waterfalls or lakes, drives along coastal areas – anywhere but the city. My January trip to Taiwan was similar, and so was my recent holiday in Japan.

The Blue Pond of Furano is a good illustration of the reason for this. So named obviously due to the color of the water, the pond is accessible to visitors via a short walk along a well-trodden path. If you survive the walk (which most invariably you will!), you shall be rewarded with a beautiful scene of tree trunks (what’s left of them) reflected on the still blue waters, accompanied by a backdrop of green trees. I certainly enjoyed that! I can probably sit there the whole day and reflect upon the meaning of Life. Or perhaps the lack of it when we get back to our normal routines.

As you travel around Hokkaido, you will definitely come across the many farms that allow visitors free roam of the premises to take in the charming flowery sights of their gardens. Other than that, fruit farms will be selling their fresh products such as winter melons, apples, oranges, grapes or prunes. Of special interest must be the lavender ice cream on sale at most farms. I just have not seen it anywhere else.

Apart from forest trails and semi-active volcanoes that assault your noses with sulfurous fumes, the coastal areas afford the traveler much opportunities as well. Warden and I spent some time chasing light houses along the coast, taking us to places with breathtaking views. I suspect if we could afford a much longer stay, you will find me spending most of my time along the coastal fronts with tripod and camera trying to catch the sunsets or sunrises. That, I believe, will be quite heavenly.

It is not only about the landscape, flora, fauna or lifestyle, it is also about the friendly people and patient drivers. I was seeking serenity and peace, and that was exactly what I found. So will you, I am sure. In a distant land in Japan, a beautiful place called Hokkaido.