Foldable Bicycle

Posted On: January 31, 2011
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Thanks to escalating COE prices, I have almost given up hope of ever owning a car in Singapore. It means that I just have to rely more on me poor legs that are understandably feeling more of the wear-and-tear as the years go by. So what can a man do, other than to settle for second (or even third) best? I got myself a new fold-able bicycle, which incidentally I have only unfolded once and have since left it standing in that state.

Since getting it, I have ridden to a nearby NTUC supermarket for groceries, as well as the library and haircut, and thus saved myself some transport fees. Granted, it’s nowhere near the convenience of a car, but it gets me from point A to B around where I live. Makes my feel healthier too, even if it’s only a psychological effect and nothing to suggest that my waistline is getting any smaller. Seems a tad too flimsy and makes a bit of creaking noise like it’s going to fall apart while I am on it, but overall I am still happy with the buy.

Of course, as the picture suggests, it has doubled up as a living room showpiece and bag-hanger when not in use.