Phuket 2010

Posted On: February 4, 2011
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This was a trip Warden and I went in December 2010, but I have been putting off posting of the images until now (yes guilty as charged). A lot of people have been to Phuket, Thailand, I am sure of it. Being in such relatively close proximity, believe it or not, it is my first trip there, . So I figured if I put off this trip any further, I might never actually visit the place, and off we went!

Upon our arrival, we were offered a free local SIM card (with value) at the airport. We had a personal driver whom we hired from Mr. Mark (excellent service, as recommended on various forums!)  pick us from the airport, and Warden spotted one of our local celebrity apparently very much pregnant and still traveling 😀

As we were famished, we tried the local glass noodle soup in a small shop right beside Mr. Mark’s office. It was most delicious! Somehow, food always taste better when we go overseas!

We spent the day walking around the hotel and checking out the various Sois and massage spas that litter entire stretches of the streets.

A trip to Phuket will be considered wasted if you do not actually step into the sun or at least touch the sands and the sea. Warden and I took a day cruise to visit some of the islands and mostly saw a lot of tourists. Lots I tell ya! And the funny things we do…

No worries, the human race did not go bonkers (or did we?). What did you think they were doing? Striking a pose with a piece of oversized rock of course!

We went canoeing, of course, and for the first time in my life, canoeing does not involve me perspiring one bit. Look mom, no hands! Each canoe comes with its personal “canoe-ist”, but you do have the option to take the reins and you’re on your own mate.

Not being fans of pubs and discos, Warden and I steered clear of Soi Banglah, which is famous of its late night parties. Perhaps next time when I visit with a bunch of guy mateys 😉 We ended up stuffing our faces with food and shopping in the evenings.

Lastly, I cannot say enough of the wonderful massages we had in Phuket (Thailand in general). Affordable, good and the people are friendly!

For more photos by me, you may visit my photostream at Flickr.

P.S. for Mr. Mark’s travel services in Phuket, just do a Google and you should see lots of forum posts about their services. Apparently they get a large portion of their business from referrals off the Internet.