Beef Stir-Fry – a Quick Dish

Posted On: March 3, 2011
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Most times, I go to the supermarket and wonder what to buy and what to cook. Sometimes, I simply dig into my freezer and determine what can I cook with the available ingredients. I’m sure one day, we will have the convenience of having our freezer or some machine at home that tells us exactly what are the types of dishes we can prepare with the different ingredients we have lying around in the kitchen. For now, I rely on that wonderful tool called Google.

The recipe is basically an adaptation of the one I found on, with a slight modication where I left out the water chestnuts, and used frozen mixed vegetables pack instead. I searched for recipes of beef stir-fry and went through the list of recipes returned by Google that I think I can handle. As simple as that. This is a very very easy dish to prepare and I whipped it up in less time than I could dance the basic Salsa (which seems like an impossible task for me).

I think I spent more time preparing my camera equipment for the shoot 😛