Kimchi Fried Rice – Yummy!

Posted On: March 1, 2011
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Kimchi Fried Rice is a great little dish you can whip up if you have some leftover rice and simple ingredients, of which the traditional Korean dish is the most important. This is the second time that I have cooked this, all thanks to recipes that I found online. If you are interested in the recipes, head over to Nibbledish or Trifood and knock yourself out.

What I did differently though, was that instead of minced beef, pork or eggs, I used leftover ham and bak guah (yes, Chinese New Year leftovers!). I was out of fresh eggs and too lazy to get some so I did without them. Overall, pretty happy with the result and got the thumbs up from a famished Warden. Pretty sure it helped that she was hungry after work. Note of advice, I do not think the sweet bak guah goes well with kimchi, which carries a strong touch of sour and spiciness. The tastes just clash too much, and as they say, too many cooks spoil the dish… err… whatever.

As for the kimchi, don’t even think that I made them! Warden got them from HoneyBunny”N”Me. Most excellent! I highly recommend it.