My Very Own Mini-Me!

Posted On: November 16, 2011
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After months of anticipation, worrying and frequent visits to the gynecologist, Warden and I finally released one of our best-kept secrets – that we were expecting a new member of our family. I still remember Warden’s excited look as she held the pregnancy test kit in her shaking hands, while I was washing the dishes in the kitchen. A little shocked and dazed, the only response I could muster was something to the effect of, “What’s that?”. It was rather difficult to keep the news to ourselves the next few months, as we wanted to be sure to avoid disappointments.

The months flew by quickly and before we knew it, the “day of reckoning” approached. It had been a rather smooth pregnancy for Warden so far, save the tiredness, sore backs and headaches in the evenings. With her usual enthusiasm to be more-than-prepared, Warden read online that it was common for the first pregnancy to be early, which probably added to the anticipation. But a week before the full 40 weeks and baby showed no signs of wanting to head out of the comfort of the womb, all the gynecologist advised was to wait. I distinctly remembered that he said to monitor movement of the baby, which turned out to be one of the best advice he could give.

On the 16th of November 2011, a day before the full term, I woke up to find a tired-looking but otherwise normal Warden. She told me she experienced 10-minute contractions early in the morning from about 4-8am but it seemed to have subsided. So we went about our daily routine of having breakfast, until I asked, “Did baby move?”. She paused and slowly said no, because she was quite engrossed with counting the contractions. For the next couple of moments, we tried all means of trying to get a response from our baby, including feeding Warden and playing music. She did sense a very feeble kick but that was it. A quick call to the hospital was all it took to convince us to head out there, just to be on the safe side.

After some waiting and about an hour of monitoring, it was noted that there was a significant drop in the baby’s heart rate each time Warden experienced a contraction. That was, according to the doctor, a sign of distress to the baby. We were initially given a choice to either induce the pregnancy or to perform an emergency C-section. However, a few moments later, we were  strongly advised to just go for the C-section, as the signs were pretty worrying. From the moment we agreed and even before the papers were signed, the hospital staff burst into activity and Warden was quickly prepared for the operation, and then wheeled towards the operating theatre. I meekly followed in a daze of helplessness.

I was soon ushered to the waiting area outside the operating theatre by the nurses, almost dream-like. It was then that I remembered to give a call to my father-in-law who received the news with much excitement, and before I could stop him, he said they would be down immediately then hung up. I could hardly sit as I paced up and down that cold corridor for minutes that felt like hours. Then, just as sudden as it began, one of the nurses popped her head out and said, “Daddy, please come and wait at the side door”. It was not until 30 minutes later and a lot of anxious pacing before I greeted our newborn after he was cleaned up.

So it was true that good things come to those who wait. And the first look of seeing my son being brought out of the operating theatre made the wait worth it. If there was ever a priceless moment, this was it, captured on the only camera I had with me – my mobile phone.